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Sky Is The Limit

Back To Basics: About the environment and how people can just enjoy what is around them for free.



A Different Way Of Life

Posted by Cheryl Ann Nocera on November 7, 2009 at 8:13 PM


I wanted to share information to people who are nice enough to look at my website from time to time.


I recently started taking a class and I am learning about Hinduism.  I found it interesting because their way of life is not as rushed as ours.  They seem to be able to find a balance in their lives along with peace and harmony.  As oppose to people here in the cities and where ever else you may live in United States.  I cannot really speak about other countries because I am not familiar.  I really cannot speak for everyone here in the US. 


I know most lifestyles are extremely busy like mine.  We are raising children, working, and try to keep up with our other daily activities.  For me I have to add school and environment studies into the mix.  Anyway, there are days I do not know how I keep up.  The reason I am writing about this I would like people to take time for themselves. 

Ask yourself this question.  Can you remember time when you did not hear anything, just silence?  I know sometimes when I driving I donot even put the radio on just to hear nothing.  It is amazing how you can forget what nothing sounds like.  I enjoy listening to the rain fall and nothing else. 


Hopefully, you can take time out of your day to do the same.  Just listen to nothing and try to remember what it sounds like.


Good Luck. 


I would like feedback on this.


Thank You



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