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Sky Is The Limit

Back To Basics: About the environment and how people can just enjoy what is around them for free.



I welcome anyone to write any of your comments to my webpage about your nature experiences or anything else you have to say about nature.

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V-Day Quote

Posted by Cheryl Ann Nocera on February 14, 2011 at 12:23 PM Comments comments (0)


V-Day is the day of love.
For some it is a day of sorrow.
V-Day can be expensive,
So one must go to the bank and borrow.

If you are a person with a special someone,
remember to love them and be grateful.
If you are person without a special someone,
remember you have more money.

This quote is not the best, but maybe to some it makes sense.

Written by,

Cheryl A Nocera

Valentine's Day Poem

Posted by Cheryl Ann Nocera on February 12, 2011 at 10:09 AM Comments comments (0)

                                                              Valentine's Day Poem
Love is good
Love is blind
Love is amazing,
  But some are left behind.

Love comes in many forms
It can be family, friends and best of all pets.
Some love comes in dollar and cents.

No matter, what your love is for.
On this day, just make sure,
Your cupid brings you
what you love and much more.

      Written by,

Cheryl A. Nocera

A Story To Think About

Posted by Cheryl Ann Nocera on October 29, 2010 at 7:34 PM Comments comments (0)

A Story To Think About

After watching the incredible entertaining movie, "Furry Vengeance" I started to think there is a lot of truth to this movie.  It was very funny, but sad until the end.  The movie is about animals trying to protect their homes from a green company that is going to take down the forest.  The sad part about this story it is real.

How many times have we heard of cleaners, foods, or anything else we buy that say All Natural, Green spray whatever the product is labeled.  When one looks at the ingredients a person does not have to stretch their minds too far to figure out that it is not natural.  Guess what neither is the" quote on quote", green company.  Most of the green companies or organizations are fake.  

People that care about the environment really need to start thinking of these things when buying or supporting these products or companies and take a stand for the environment and our furry little friends that live in it.


Cheryl A Nocera

What Went Wrong Between Generations

Posted by Cheryl Ann Nocera on June 1, 2010 at 9:15 PM Comments comments (0)

What went wrong between generations?  Did we lose touch with reality, everything around us, or do we not know how to feel?

The world around us is losing it's will.  Try to imagine one house where people live with many things going on and running out of options to turn or fix.  That is what is going on right now in our house the Earth in which we live has so many problems, natural and man-made catastrophies.  

United States is suppose to be one of the smartest and advanced places in the world and yet instead of caring about it, we find more ways to destroy it.  Why?  I ask myself this question a lot of times.  Have the very same people forgotten what is important or do they care.  There are times I think the most heartless people are the ones who are running the show.  The very same people we are suppose to have faith in.  I do not know about you, but I have none.  My question is, were they always like this.  Did they ever know how to feel?  How can one go to sleep at night knowing that a decision they had made could put the very same country they fight for at risk?  If there was ever a time they felt they might make decisions differently.  

We have to get people in power that care and that know when they go to sleep at night, they will rest in peace.  We need someone in power that can feel and I do not mean the type feeling Oh, wow that was bad I feel bad for the animals that do not have a home.  I mean someone that would not make a decision to put any natural environment including us in position like the one in the Gulf.  There is no excuse for this.

What Are We Doing To The Earth?

Posted by Cheryl Ann Nocera on May 9, 2010 at 2:57 PM Comments comments (0)


     What are we doing to the Earth?  This is a question I ask myself often.  I struggle with this many days.  Children love the Earth, animals, the water that surrounds us and other living things, but other people do not get it.  I know that I might pay more attention to things that are going around us that others.  However, you cannot deny something is very wrong, you have whales and dolphins being washed up to shorelines that they are usually not near, mantees in Boston, MA. this is not how it is suppose to be.  Forget about devastation that is done from natural disasters; now our plant and wildlife are facing man made problems like oil spills over an over again. 


     When will we wake up?  When is it going to be enough?  The rate we are going it will be soon.  This oil spill is something everyone will feel the effects of for many years to come.  The unfortunate piece, it is not over, the oil companies can not even stop this.  This also impacts an already fragile ecomony.  Now more jobs are lost and more to come.  For anyone that reads this please take the time to step outside and enjoy nature and try to become it, not kill it.



You Cannot Rush Life

Posted by Cheryl Ann Nocera on January 26, 2010 at 5:11 AM Comments comments (0)
You Cannot Rush Life I have learned many lessons through my life that you cannot have everything at once. All the money in the world will not buy you happiness And happiness does not always come with love. I also learned that you cannot rush any of the above. There were times I thought I found at least two at the same time And found that I was wrong. Sometimes there is love that you should not hold on. I have wasted my time in certain relationships and thought I found happiness. When all I ever really found was a life that was full of bliss. Kiss me once, kiss me twice and I hope I am not fooled again. I know now that you cannot rush anything. And learn all you can. Life is a learning process that you should never try to change. Enjoy what you learn and find and learn everything you can gain. I hope anyone who read this can gain some insight on how. To just enjoy life even if can be a merry-go-round. Good Luck from Cheryl Thank you for reading

Recipe tip

Posted by Cheryl Ann Nocera on December 30, 2009 at 10:24 AM Comments comments (0)
Hello All: I wanted to let everyone in on a great tip that I learned in school for baking. Instead of using butter, oil, and grease, use apple sauce or pumpkin sauce. Your baking will taste and be much better. Also, instead of greasing the baking pan, use applesauce. For example, say your recipe calls for 3 tsps of butter or oil. Do the same amount with applesauce. Happy Holidays Cheryl

A New Year's Resolution

Posted by Cheryl Ann Nocera on December 27, 2009 at 7:24 AM Comments comments (0)

                                                           A New Year's Resolution (2010)

     It is time for all to celebrate

     passing to a New Year.

     It is time for family and friends

     to gather for cheer.

     We all try to make a resolution

     to better our ways of life.

     Some will have goals of solace,

     and some some will have goals of delight.

     I wish I may, I wish I might

     make my dreams see the light.

     And with this new hope and joy

     of a New Year.

     May this resolution find a way

     to see clear.

     May all your tears vanish

     through this year.

     May all your dreams come here.


                                                                I WISH YOU ALL A HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Thank you for being a part of my website.


Best of Wishes Cheryl

Money VS. Environment

Posted by Cheryl Ann Nocera on November 22, 2009 at 7:07 AM Comments comments (0)

Money VS. Environment

          Last night I saw an incredible movie both scarey and an eye opener.  The movie "2012" if people are not aware is basically the world coming to end.  Now I am not saying the world is going to end, but I believe there is some truth in the movie.  What I mean by this people focus on making and spending money.  We all love to spend.  How much time do you spend with the environment?  It is almost like people live in a big bubble and do not pay attention to things in it.  When you drive in your car do you look at the sky or just look at the car next to you that cut you off?

         Anyway, getting back to the movie, there was alot of storms, earthquakes, and unimaginable happenings.  In reality we could not over power it.  If we were to stand up against the environment we would lose.  Why is taking people so long to realize we need to start focusing on the environment.  The very people in power that make the decisions for us to send our children and families over seas to be killed in a war that should end.  They are not making too many decisions for our environment.  When people to try to stand up for the environment they are told that there is nothing wrong, or it's just people trying to scare everyone. 

The big question is if you have money and no where to spend it; what good is it?  What if it is true ten years from now we may not have drinking water or it may be scarce.  What good is money? 

Please feel free to comment.

Thank You,


A Different Way Of Life

Posted by Cheryl Ann Nocera on November 7, 2009 at 8:13 PM Comments comments (9)


I wanted to share information to people who are nice enough to look at my website from time to time.


I recently started taking a class and I am learning about Hinduism.  I found it interesting because their way of life is not as rushed as ours.  They seem to be able to find a balance in their lives along with peace and harmony.  As oppose to people here in the cities and where ever else you may live in United States.  I cannot really speak about other countries because I am not familiar.  I really cannot speak for everyone here in the US. 


I know most lifestyles are extremely busy like mine.  We are raising children, working, and try to keep up with our other daily activities.  For me I have to add school and environment studies into the mix.  Anyway, there are days I do not know how I keep up.  The reason I am writing about this I would like people to take time for themselves. 

Ask yourself this question.  Can you remember time when you did not hear anything, just silence?  I know sometimes when I driving I donot even put the radio on just to hear nothing.  It is amazing how you can forget what nothing sounds like.  I enjoy listening to the rain fall and nothing else. 


Hopefully, you can take time out of your day to do the same.  Just listen to nothing and try to remember what it sounds like.


Good Luck. 


I would like feedback on this.


Thank You